Temporary exhibitions

Our Lecture Hall and Baily Gallery host our temporary exhibitions. We change exhibitions regularly throughout the year, below you can find out more about what currently have on display.

9 December - 9 March 2024


Jason Wilsher-Mills Exhibition

Jason Wilsher-Mills is a disabled digital artist who initially trained as an oil painter. He later learned to ‘embrace the pixel’ and use digital technology when he became disabled. Jason has exhibited widely, both internationally and throughout the UK, including presenting work at V&A Late.

8 January - 9 February 2024

Mansfield Society of Artists

The Mansfield Society of Artists had its origins in 1934, when a group of miners from Bolsover got together with a common interest in painting. We continue to have a strong, active membership and a varied programme of events throughout the year, including demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions.

16 March - 13 April 2024


Dodo - Understanding Extinction

The dodo may be extinct, but the lessons from its survival and extinction can help us understand the challenges facing our planet today. Take away an inspiring message of conservation, habitats, and environmental stewardship from this story.


2 March 2024 - 23 March

creative women

Art Power !

Join us as we celebrate International Womens day with our Art Power group. Our creative women together project has produced some amazing  work inspired by both our collection and their journeys through trauma.

2 April 2024 - 1 June 2024

beaituful gameFootball: The Beautiful Game

 This project is a tribute to the world's most popular sport, exploring its history and cultural impact, from grassroots to the Premier League. You'll encounter a fascinating array of exhibits, the illustrious histories and intriguing facts surrounding renowned teams like the Stags, Notts County, and Nottingham Forest. Leaf through captivating photo books, marvel at cherished memorabilia, and absorb information that brings the rich tapestry of  football to life.

27 April 2024 - 18 May 2024


The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

The PAGB Masters of Print Competition is held each year, followed by a public Exhibition. Individual Photographers who are members of affiliated Clubs have entered their work which fall into the categories of Monochrome, Colour and Nature Categories. These works them form the masters of print exhibition

25 May - 15 June

minor to major

Through The Lens: Capturing our Local Environment

Featuring the latest digital creations from photographer Alex Hyde and artist Katja Hock, the exhibition promises a visual feast. Alex's collection will unveil super close up photographs, inviting viewers to discover hidden worlds and appreciate the beauty often overlooked in our everyday surroundings. The exhibition will present a cutting-edge video installation by Katja, titled 'Three Oaks,' spotlighting oak trees sourced from the Sherwood Forest Nature Reserve. There will also be information about how to encourage nature at home from ‘The Wildlife Garden Project’.

22 June - 13 July


A Flight of Pixels: Digital Migration

The upcoming digital installation at Mansfield Museum, crafted by artist Barret Hodgson, promises to breathe life into our extensive collection of birds. Barret uses digital projection and 3D scanning techniques mixing technology and natural history. Looking at themes of migration and the curation of museum artefacts, the exhibition will be a visually stunning experience. The exhibition will be an amazing experience that will captivate visitors and shed new light on our collections.

8 June - 20 July

disability project

Better By Change

This exhibition celebrates our Better by Change programme, A lottery funded project developed to remove barriers faced by disabled people both socially and in the workplace. Curated by our funded employees, the exhibition will explore the history of disability within our communities and celebrate their achievements and journeys

Permanent exhibitions

Three of our galleries host our permanent exhibitions. Here you will find key pieces of the museum’s collection, such as our Buxton watercolours and our ‘Made in Mansfield’ story.

Photo of the Made in Mansfield exhibition


An exhibition celebrating Mansfield’s industrial past and present: objects, photographs and oral recordings from Metal Box, Mansfield Brewery, Shoe Co. and other important local companies.

Photo of visitors viewing the Buxton gallery


The Museum's collection of over 130 Albert Sorby Buxton watercolours are a unique and valuable record of the face of Mansfield at the turn of the century.

Past Exhibitions

You can find video tours of our previous exhibitions in this section.