Made in Mansfield

The Arcade - Made in Mansfield

An exhibition about the people and companies that made Mansfield a centre of industry.

Forty years ago the early morning streets were busy as thousands of people went to work. In 1981 43,400 workers made products that were sold around the world. The gallery looks at the more well-known industries that built Mansfield’s reputation for manufacturing.

Shoe Co display as part of the Made in Mansfield exhibition

Nearly all of these industries can still be found in the district. However the way that they work has changed. Modern factories need fewer workers, are cleaner, quieter and often out of sight in industrial parks. But businesses based in Mansfield still have an international reputation for excellence and innovation.

Display of tins from the Metal Box

The gallery features artefacts, photos, film and audio relating to the major, past and present employers of the town: Metal Box, Shoe Co, Mansfield Brewery, Barrs Soft Drinks, hosiery, precision engineering, mining, foundries and quarrying.

Mining exhibition as part of Made in Mansfield display

On hand to get you hands-on will be a whole range of interactive and touch screens. Plus for those who want to explore further, our special tool belts, waiting for you to fill with the equipment you need to dig a little deeper.

Exhibition of Mansfield Brewery