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School trips and educational visits are a powerful tool which can be used to enhance the development of personal, social and emotional skills of all learners. We provide a number of unique, kinaesthetic learning opportunities, which encourage pupils to engage with people, place and buildings in a distinctive way. Take a look at our menu of workshop opportunites below for both Mansfield Museum and Mansfield Palace Theatre.

Tomb Raiders

Discover what life was like as an Egyptian. Take a look at hieroglyphics, what they were used for and what inside the tomb was like.

Raiding and Trading

Who were the Vikings? Discover what life was like and play a game at the King's table.

Roman Time Trip Tours

What was life as a Roman child or soldier like? Explore architecture and engineering from the era.

Tudor Times

Explore life and leisure in the age of Shakespeare, taking a look at Tudor entertainment. 

A Peek at the Greeks

Who were the ancient Greeks? Discover what life was like as a child and how Greeks changed the world.

Eco Dudes

Take a close look at litter and how it affects our local environment.

Curious Curators

Take a look behind the scenes at how we look after our collections. Learning about audiences and planning an exhibition.

Mindfulness for Children

Help pupils develop personal tools to manage their emotions, understand their thoughts and feel good about themselves.

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An Introduction to Shakespeare

Explore the story, plot and language of one of Shakespeare's great plays.


(Secondary Transition and Resilience Training) in partnership with Nottingham Trent University. Workshops are available post SATS.

WW1 and WW2

Explore a soldier's experience in WW1 and WW2.


Historical experiences of civilisations, their way of life, customs and significant contribution to the world today including Greeks, Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

Name the Book

A practical workshop bringing a book of your choice to life. Explore themes and characters as it aids imagination and understanding.

Visit Your Theatre

Enjoy a tour and fun education workshop of your choice

Main Stage

Look out for suitable productions with accompanying offers, e.g. Northern Ballet.

A Character from History

Meet historical figures such as Florence Nightingale and understand the world they lived in compared to today.

After Schools Clubs

Discuss the potential of having weekly drama or dance sessions in your school.

"The children in my class were blown away by the backstage tour. They enjoyed being able to go on stage and loved experiencing how it would feel to be an actor" - Burton Joyce Primary School.

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