Art Power

creative women

Art Power is the name of a socially engaged project taking place at Mansfield Museum in the East Midlands of the UK. Its first two years have been funded by the Esmé Fairburn Foundation and forty-four women with lived experience of trauma have been involved in the programme.

We set up five groups, each meeting every two to three weeks and use the museum’s collection of social history which includes ceramics, paintings, jewellery and taxidermy to inspire creative activity, curiosity and a  sense of place. We employ a range of freelance artists who bring skills such as printing, felt making, collage and stitch as well as an art therapist. Up to December 2023 we have delivered one hundred and fifty workshops.

Currently we are preparing for an Art Power exhibition due to open in early March 2024, it will coincide with International Womens’ Day and celebrate the work which has been created by our participants.

Clay portrait being created
Carnival mask with feathers
colorful felt art
Group of women standing with sculpture
two women drink teak together