What's our offer?

What's our offer?

For just £163, one class (maximum 30 pupils) recieves either

  • 1x 4 hour workshop
  • 1x 2 hour workshop plus self-led time in the museum or a theatre tour
  • 1x 2 hour museum workshop and 1x 2 hour theatre workshop

Or two classes (maximum 60 pupils) will recieve:

  • 2x 2 hour workshops and self-led time in the museum or a theatre (you may have one class in the museum and one in the theatre)

For £326, two classes (maximum 60 pupils) can have:

  • 4x 2 hour workshops - 2 per class
  • Each class has 1 workshop in the theatre and 1 in the museum

We understand budgets are tight, so self-led museum visits are still available at just £4 per child (maximum 30 pupils). This includes copies of trails and activities within the museum, use of pencils and clipboards and staff on hand to support you.

We're here to chat if you want to discuss variations on the options above - just send us an email or call us. We also have space available for you to have lunch, so let us know when booking if you'd like to use this.


Mansfield Museum

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Education Officer


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Mansfield Palace Theatre

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Learning and Aspiration Manager


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