Making Mansfield

Making Mansfield: Towards 2030, is our strategy for transforming the Mansfield district. The strategy sets out our vision and ambitions for the future.

Our vision for the district is to:

Grow an ambitious, vibrant and confident place

Our vision for Mansfield is ambitious. It is designed to underpin everything we do as a council over the next decade. It sets out our ambitions, the changes we want to deliver and the priorities we will focus on to achieve them.

To ensure delivery of the vision we will focus on the following four cross cutting themes:

Aspiration, Growth, Wellbeing and Place image

Each of the four themes have a detailed delivery plan that outlines the high level actions required to deliver the ambitions and priorities: 
  • A Plan for Place
  • A Plan for Growth
  • A Plan for Aspiration
  • A Plan for Wellbeing

Making Mansfield Delivery Plans

An annual report, supported by appropriate metrics to demonstrate the impact of the delivery work of the groups and how this is affecting the local socio-economic indicators for the area, will be presented to the Place Board on an annual basis.