Christmas bin collections

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Three days will be affected due to bank holidays.

  • If your usual green bin day is Wednesday 25 December, it will be emptied on Saturday 21 December.
  • If your usual green bin day is Thursday 26 December, it will be emptied on Saturday 28 December
  • If your usual blue bin day is Wednesday 1 January, it will be emptied on Saturday 4 January.

Please ensure your bin is out by 6am on these days.

All other collections will take place as normal.

If we are unable to empty your bin due to severe weather, please leave your bin out and we'll empty it as soon as we can.

We will not be supplying printed stickers of Christmas collection arrangements for your bin so please make a note of the changes and make sure all your family, friends and neighbours are aware.

Side waste

Recycling: You can leave extra side waste out with your blue bin throughout the year, providing it is in a box or paper bag.

General waste: We will collect up to two bags of side waste on your first green bin collection after Christmas Day. 

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For further information on how to recycle and reduce contamination go to our Recycling section.

Published: December 13th 2019