Have your say on planning document to help reduce flooding

Photo of flooded park

People are being given a chance to help shape proposed planning guidance for developers on how they can reduce the risks of flooding.

Mansfield District Council is running a six-week public consultation from 29 July to 12 September for its proposed Sustainable Drainage Systems Supplementary Planning Document.

The document will sit alongside the council’s adopted Local Plan and provide guidance on what types of drainage could be used in new developments which do not add to flooding risks. 

It will also supports and takes a lead from Severn Trent Water’s Green Recovery Programme, a £76m project to help to protect communities in Mansfield from flooding.   

Sustainable drainage includes things such as landscaping schemes that will soak up rain, or permeable road surfaces that will allow rain to soak away naturally rather than enter and possibly overload the sewerage system.

As well as reducing the risk of flooding, sustainable drainage can also  improve biodiversity, enhance green spaces and public spaces, reduce water pollution and help to provide resilience and adaptation to climate change.

The draft document can be accessed and downloaded on the council website in the planning policy section here(opens in new window) and people can take part in the consultation by answering questions at the end of each section using the online or paper questionnaires.

Printed copies of the draft guidance can also be viewed at Mansfield Civic Centre or at libraries within the district. A printed copy can also be provided, in exceptional circumstances, where someone is unable to access the document online. These should be returned in person or by mail.

Cllr Stuart Richardson, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Growth, said: "The council is committed to delivering sustainable drainage and reducing the risk of flooding for all our communities to ensure that they are safe, healthy and inclusive.

"This guidance encourages all new developments to include sustainable drainage measures that minimise the potential for flooding and encourage other positive impacts for the environment such as increased green space and additional opportunities for plants and animals to thrive.

"The guidance complements the £76m investment in sustainable drainage being made by Severn Trent Water in partnership with the council. As part of this project, Severn Trent is offering top-up funding for certain projects.”

To find out more about council planning policy, visit the council website at www.mansfield.gov.uk/planning-policy.

Published: July 29th 2022