District's bottle banks out of use

A photo of a bottle bank out of use

Due to supply chain issues, our contractor is unable to empty bottle banks across the district.

Bottle banks are now closed. They will be taped off and signs will be put in place. Please do not leave glass bottles on the ground around bottle banks - this is fly-tipping and we will seek to take action against anyone who does this. Any glass left at the bottle bank will not be recycled.

We are working hard to find a solution so that we can continue to encourage recycling for a cleaner, greener Mansfield.

Kerbside glass collections are not affected. It isn’t too late to recycle glass products at home by having a kerbside bin. The bin is emptied every eight weeks by Mansfield District Council and we have successfully collected and recycled over 1,100 tonnes so far since the launch of the scheme in spring.

To receive a glass recycling bin at no extra charge, please email mdc@mansfield.gov.uk or call 01623 463463.

For residents who do not have or do not want a kerbside glass recycling bin, we ask that you use the Nottinghamshire County Council Household Waste and Recycling Centres at Warsop and Mansfield to recycle glass for the time being. 

Published: October 8th 2021