Funding available for good causes in Mansfield

Previous recipients of the Mayor's 500 Fund
Previous recipients of the Mayor's 500 Fund

Mayor Andy Abrahams has announced two opportunities for local groups and good causes to access much needed funding.

Applications have opened for second round of awards in the Mayor’s 500 Fund. The Robin Hood Community Fund is also considering bids for its Community Fund pot. The deadline for bids is 17 January for the Mayor's fund and 31 January for the lottery fund. 

The lottery fund has so far distributed £12,340 to local causes and in this bidding round, a further £13,184 is available. Bids of up to £2,000 will be considered to support either day-to-day spending or one-off capital projects by good causes in Mansfield.

From each Robin Hood Lottery ticket 10 pence goes to the community fund. Another 50 pence goes to the fund if the player does not choose a specific good cause to support.

The Mayor’s 500 Fund is a direct contribution from the Mayor’s salary to provide cash injection of up to £500 for local groups, individuals and volunteers to deliver a specific project in the Mansfield community. A total of £5,000 is available in this round. 

The money can be used for equipment, promotions and materials to deliver direct benefits to local residents.

The Mayor has already supported many groups, including the Schools Out community project, which helps with child poverty and deprived families. Another project to receive his support is the Personal Best Academy, which recently returned with six gold and two silver medals from martial arts world championships.

He said: “I donate 30% of my take-home salary to good causes through the 500 Fund to give a boost the community projects and directly help groups that need a little extra funding. It has been so rewarding to see how a little help can make so much positive difference.

"I was overwhelmed by the number of applications the first time round so I am anticipating a lot of interest in this second bidding round. All previous applications that were unsuccessful last time will be reconsidered.

“With so many bids it is not possible to help them all but any unsuccessful requests to my fund, are directed to other sources of funding. We have established a close partnership with Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, a charity that has supported a variety of community causes for about 20 years. Since the Mayor’s 500 Fund was set up in July, my fund and the foundation have together shared a total of £8,800 among local good causes.

"Groups can also access the Robin Hood Community Fund for larger projects and activities. This fund comes directly from ticket sales from the local lottery which gives a great opportunity to support charities and groups that are active in and around Mansfield.”

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For information about the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, visit their website (link opens in a new window).

Published: December 20th 2019