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Frequently asked questions - Home education



Will I need to show my ticket?

You will be required to show your ticket on entry to the workshop. Either a printed copy or an eticket is ok.


Can I bring a younger/older sibling?

Of course, everyone is always welcome at the museum, but please note they will need to purchase a ticket too and the content of the workshop may not be suitable for their age/ability.


Can I bring an extra adult?

Due to the size of the space where the workshop is being held, we ask that there is only one adult per family group.


Can I drop my child off and leave them there?

No, parents/carers are responsible for their child/family group at all times. There should be one adult per child/family group (yes they need to purchase a ticket as they will be counted in the 25 spaces available.)


Is there a discount for family groups?

No, we have tried to keep costs as low as possible.


Where will the workshop take place?

It will be held in our education room mainly, with some activities taking place in the museum galleries.


Where do I go when I arrive?

Please head to our main reception desk, where a member of our team will show you where to go.


Will there be more workshops like this in the future?

Yes, we are aiming to hold regular workshops both in the museum and theatre, please keep an eye on our social media channels @mansfieldmuseum for further updates.