Mansfield Community Response Fund

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, we are under serious pressure to help those affected. Ill health, isolation, loneliness and pockets of deprivation are very real in Mansfield right now and worsened by the spread of Covid-19.

We have been inspired however by the response from our residents and community groups that have come together to set up projects aimed at tackling the impact of Covid-19. These groups, make all the difference to the most vulnerable people in our communities and they need all our help to continue with this work.

Mansfield District Council has therefore launched the Community Response Network Fund, a crowdfunding project where businesses and residents whose circumstances allow can donate to support these groups that provide the additional community support that is required during these unprecedented times.

Mansfield District Council has ring fenced £25,000 which will be used to support the campaign and all the money raised will go directly to voluntary and community organisations to ensure our older and most vulnerable residents get the support and help they need during this period.

Applying for a grant

Applications are now closed

Voluntary groups and charities in Mansfield can apply for a grant of up to £2000 to deliver projects / services that meet the Council's Community Response Network Fund criteria.

As a priority, we wish to support local charities and community organisations that are delivering essential services to vulnerable Mansfield residents impacted by COVID-19.

Further information and applying for a grant