How to look after your mental health using exercise

There are many reasons why physical activity is good for your body – having a healthy heart and improving your joints and bones are just two, but did you know that physical activity is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing?

We need to change the way we view physical activity in the UK in order not to see it as something we ‘have to do’, ‘should do’ or ‘ought to do’ for our health, but as something that we do because we personally value its positive benefits to our wellbeing.

As part of their work to promote better mental health, the Mental Health Foundation have produced a free downloadable pocket guide to show the positive impact that physical activity can have on your own mental wellbeing, including some tips and suggestions to help you get started.

Being active doesn’t have to mean doing sport or going to the gym. There are lots of ways to be active; find the one that works for you and let’s all get physical!

Locally, we have many footpaths and walking routes that take you across the beautiful countryside, where you can be at one with nature and just take stock of daily life, especially during COVID-19.

Have a look at the Walking in Nottinghamshire website, which has hundreds of free walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the county.  There’s lots more information on there to explore and further details of all the books, maps and walking groups in the county.

For more information or further help, please contact John Harris on 01920 822887.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for more information:

Look after your mental health using exercise

It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigour

Marcus Tullius Cicero