General support for adults

To help parents at home with children during the current coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organisation has provided the following useful information sheets.

Keep calm and manage stress
This is a stressful time. Take care of yourself, so you can support your children.

Talking about Covid-19
Be willing to talk. They will already have heard something. Silence and secrets do not protect our children. Honesty and openness do. Think about how much they will understand. 

Family budgeting in times of financial stress
Millions are stressed about money due to COVID-19. It can make us feel exhausted, angry and distracted. But we can do things that help cope with financial stress.

Family harmony at home
When we model peaceful ad loving relationships, our children feel more secure and loved. Positive langagem active listening and empathy help maintain a peaceful and happy environment.

Parenting in crowded homes and communities
Keeping your family healthy and safe from Covid-19 can feel even harder when you live in crowded conditions. These are things you can do to make life easier for your family.