Parenting during COVID-19

To help parents at home with children during the current coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organisation has provided the following useful information sheets.

One-on-One Time
School shutdown is also a chance to make better relationships with our children and teenagers. One-on-One time is free and fun. It makes children feel loved and secure, and shows them that they are important.

Keeping it Positive
It‘s hard to feel positive when our kids or teenagers are driving us crazy. We often end up saying “Stop doing that!” But children are much more likely to do what we ask if we give them positive instructions and lots of praise for what they do right.

Structure Up
COVID-19 has taken away our daily work, home and school routines. This is hard for children, teenagers and for you. Making new routines can help.

Bad Behaviour
All children misbehave. It is normal when children are tired, hungry, afraid, or learning independence. And they can drive us crazy when stuck at home.

Keeping Children Safe Online
Children and teens are now spending a lot more time online. Being connected helps them reduce the impact of COVID-19 and encourage them to continue with their lives....but it also presents risks and dangers.

Learning Through Play
Millions of children face school closure and isolation within their own home. This tip is about learning through play - Something that can be fun for all ages.