Planning your own event

Whether your event is large or small, we can offer advice about the planning process.

Where do I start?

The Nottinghamshire event planning A-Z guide (opens in new window) provides lots of information to help you understand the different elements of event planning. You can use this, alongside national guidance documents, to get a better understanding of everything from accident reporting and insurance to stewards and risk assessments.

Who do I need to tell?

There are a number of departments within Mansfield District Council and partner organisations, such as Nottinghamshire Police, who may need to know about your event.

So that you can get the guidance and support you need, please complete the Event notification form (opens in new window) which also contains some guidance in the covering letter.

Event safety management plan

Depending on the nature and size of your event, you may need to complete an event safety management plan and attend a safety advisory group.

The event safety management plan is a useful document for an event organiser as it keeps all your plans and procedures in one place and helps you to make sure you have considered all the event requirements. You may not need to complete all the sections.

An Event Safety Management Plan template and guidance document (opens in new window) is available to help you develop your plans.

Safety advisory groups

A safety advisory group will use your event safety management plan to understand the details of your event. The group aims to support you in the planning process. For more information about safety advisory groups, please see Event safety advisory groups in Nottinghamshire - A guide for event organisers (opens in a new window).

First aid

As the organiser of any event, you will be responsible for making sure adequate medical cover is provided. The East Midlands Ambulance Service has produced EMAS guidance on medical cover for events (opens in new window) and an event medical cover calculator to help you plan for this. To receive a copy of the event medical cover calculator, please email These documents will help you understand your responsibilities and give you an idea of the level of cover you will need for your particular event.

Events in parks

If you want to hold an event in one of our parks, you will also need to contact the Parks department and complete a park booking form.