Grant in Aid

Grant in aid is a discretionary financial contribution awarded by us, to support the delivery of non-statutory services that contribute towards our priorities.

Who can apply?


Voluntary groups, community groups and charities can apply for grant in aid funding.

To be eligible to receive grant in aid funding organisations must:

  • Either be run on a not for profit basis or any profits generated must be used for the benefits of the users/community the organisation was set up to serve.
  • Be located/managed within the Mansfield district and/or provide services/support to district residents. Local branches of national organisations will be considered and could be supported on a purely local basis.

We do not fund organisations or individuals whose activities are for political benefit or organisations that run to generate a profit for distribution to individuals/shareholders.


Individuals who excel in sports or the arts will be considered. Consideration will be given to amateurs whose excellence is of national or international significance and the where financial support is required to allow the individual to participate in a national or international event or to achieve that status.


The grant in aid budget for the financial year 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 is £13,240. The deadline for submitting applications for consideration is 29 February 2024

General criteria to be considered before submitting an application:

  • All groups/organisations must submit an independently audited statement of accounts, which should include income and expenditure account and balance sheet.
  • Grants are awarded on the condition that the funding is used for the purpose stated on the application form and is for a lawful purpose.
  • Grants will not be awarded for political purposes.
  • Grants will not be awarded to individuals towards fees or other costs relating to full time/part time further /higher education costs.
  • Organisations or individuals can only submit one application for funding in a financial year.
  • Projects for which provision would normally be made through the council or other local authority funded organisations will not be grant in aid funded.
  • Only expenditure incurred in the current financial year will be considered for financial support, applications cannot be submitted for retrospective costs incurred in previous years or costs due in future financial years.
  • Previous years grant in aid financial support to groups/individuals will be taken into consideration when reviewing applications.

Types of financial support

Capital grants

To help fund one off planned expenditure on buildings, items of equipment and for the purchase of a specific service e.g. room hire, training, transport costs, specialist support.

Capital grants are available up to a maximum of £500 and if successful would be paid upon receipt of paid invoice(s) for goods or services from the group/organisation.

Revenue grants

To help with day to day running costs incurred in providing services to residents of the Mansfield district. For example rent and utility costs, employee costs, general office costs, staging performances, exhibitions and publications.

Evidence of other external funding is required as revenue grants will not be made to organisations whose sole source of income would be the council. Revenue grants are not available to uniformed / youth groups, such as scouts and guides (please note capital grants are available). Financial assistance for revenue expenditure may be available from Nottinghamshire County Council (opens in new window).

The minimum grant available is £500, there is no set maximum, but this will vary according to the type of organisation, the service provided, the number of people who benefit from the service, cost of service, financial statement of accounts review and our budget limitations.

Grants to individuals (sports and arts)

The maximum grant available is £500 towards costs and expenses relating to your activity.

Application process

Please complete and return the application form along with your latest audited financial statements.

Online Grant in Aid application form

All applications received will be acknowledged within seven days of receipt and guidance will be given to the expected decision date for your application.

All funding decisions will be confirmed in writing to applicants.

Member ward allowance

For details see our wards and ward allowances page.

Grants & Allowances

For details, see our Transparency Code [113 kb] .