Responsible dog ownership

Guide to buying a puppy

When buying a puppy there are mainly points to consider to ensure you choose the right dog suitable for your home, way of life, family circumstance and financial position.  You may want to look on the following websites for more detailed advice.

Choose the right dog 

You need to buy a healthy puppy suitable for your home, way of life, family circumstance and financial position. It is therefore important to choose the right breed. Consider the strength of the dog and its energy levels. Also the health of the breed as vets fees maybe higher with some breeds more than others.

Have you considered rescuing a dog? 

Remember you can choose to rescue a dog from a responsible rescue centre. They will ensure the dog has had a full health check, be assessed for temperament, microchipped and neutered.

Find a trustworthy breeder  

If you are buying a puppy from a dog breeder, you must make sure the puppy is healthy and happy. You could end you with a sick or dying puppy or one with behavioural problems. 

Good breeders will:

  • Not let a puppy be sold until at least 8 weeks old.
  • Microchip the puppy. This is a legal requirement.
  • Know about what socialisation the pup has had.
  • Know about the mothers history (ask to see the mother) so you can be sure they are a nice and friendly dog, over a year old and ask how many previous litters they have had?
  • Give you a supply of the food it has been eating for a couple of days so it can continue on the same food for a few days.
  • Get the puppy checked over by a vet, worm and vaccinate the pup.

Remember to make sure your puppy looks healthy

Make sure the puppy looks healthy. Does it have clean eyes, ears and bottom?

Further information on breed types and buying a puppy can be found on the following websites, these links will open in a new window;

Our dog control service offer low cost microchipping, please see our microchipping page for further information.