Woodland burial

Those who neither wish to be cremated nor have a traditional burial can opt to be buried in woodland, allowing a return to nature.

Woodland graves offer a return to nature for those who wish to be buried (or have their cremated remains scattered) among the trees in an environment that attracts birds, mammals and wild flowers.

Woodland burials allow a more natural, informal and independent means of burying and remembering loved ones. They are not for those who require a neat and tidy grave with a traditional headstone, but for those who love birds and wildlife and who want to create a natural environment which gives benefit to future generations.

Cremated remains can also be buried instead of scattered.


A native tree is planted on every grave, as part of tending and developing natural woodland.

People are asked to leave items by the memorial wall and not to drape them on the trees, as it will cause damage.

Memorial plaques can be arranged through the Mansfield Crematorium as can entries in the book of remembrance.


Pricing is included on our fees and charges (opens in new window).