We keep records of all funerals that have taken place at Mansfield Crematorium or within one of our active cemeteries. We are happy to help with your family history searches.


Though we are more than happy to help you with your research, due to the way the records have historically been recorded it is not possible to let you search the records personally.

This is primarily because they contain details of living persons (owners of rights of burial, applicant's details for cremations etc.) which are protected under the Data Protection Act (opens in new window).

We hold records for the following areas:

  • Mansfield Crematorium
  • Nottingham Road Cemetery, Mansfield
  • Leeming Lane Cemetery, Mansfield Woodhouse
  • Pleasley Hill Cemetery
  • Warsop Cemetery


You can submit your request for family history research form to us.


We need as much information as possible to carry out the search. If possible, we need:

  • The full name of the deceased.
  • The age and date of death (if you don't know the date of death, please provide an approximate year).
  • The general location the deceased was last known to be living at.

Unfortunately, if we cannot find your results easily due to lack of initial information, we may charge for each year we search as per our fees and charges (opens new window).

Information we can give you

If we hold the information, we will provide you will all details we are legally able to about the deceased.

In the event that we find other members of the family within the same grave, we will also provide you with the details relating to them. Cremation records are for the individual only.

For burials we will give you details on how to locate the grave(s), and for cremations we will give you details on how to locate the strewing area if the cremated remains have been left with us.