Body worn cameras

Body worn cameras are used by our Community Safety Front Line Staff to record their interactions with the public where it is appropriate such as when gathering video evidence of antisocial behaviour. 

The cameras are usually mounted on the officer’s high visibility uniform at chest height, which offers real-time information and provides visual and audio evidence that can independently verify events.

These cameras have proven to be very successful when targeting and evidencing offences that relate to the safety of the public and the environment.

They have also contributed significantly to the increased safety of our front line staff. The infringement of privacy is kept to a minimum through controlled functions, such as that of policies and processes that ensure that they are only used in appropriate and not all circumstances. Any such footage gained is kept secure and adheres to our informed retention policy. Our policies and procedures for the use of body worn cameras are verified and accredited by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Officer (opens in new window).

If you would like more information around our use of body worn cameras, you can call out Warden Team Leaders on 01623 463085 or our CCTV Manager on 01623 463743.