Service personalisation

A funeral service is very personal and there is no right or wrong way of mourning a passing.

For some a simple funeral service is exactly what they want and would expect, following a traditional route with readings and a brief eulogy.

For others the ability to personalise a funeral is important. Whether arranging their own funeral in advance to help ease the burden on loved ones, or trying to commemorate the deceased in a way that seems fitting.

Music availability

We have a wide range of music available including hymns, classical and contemporary music. We are happy to play clients' own original CDs if we receive them in advance of the funeral.

It may also be possible to arrange for a live performance group to play during the service.

Organists are also available, with an extensive range of music to hand. We only allow our own in-house organists to play the chapel organs.

Memorialisation and remains

A final degree of personalisation for those being buried can be achieved through their burial type and headstone.

We also offer a number of memorial options for those who have been cremated and can suggest a number of potential options for cremated remains.