Affordable Home Ownership

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Owning your own home may be more affordable than you think.

The council works with various partners to bring forward affordable home ownership opportunities in the district. Known as Help to Buy, there is a range of home ownership products and services available.

If you are interested in owning your own home please complete the questionnaire below.

We will use the information to help inform what home ownership products should be made available but also send the information you provide to Help to Buy Midlands who is one of the government appointed Help to Buy Agents in England. They will contact you once they receive the completed questionnaire and help you through the affordable home ownership process.

There is an explanation of each of the products in question 1 below in the Help to Buy Guide which you can download or on the Help to Buy Midlands website.

Affordable Home Ownership Survey

Q1. Which of the affordable home ownership products referred to in the Help to Buy Guide are you interested in? (Please tick all that apply and at least one)
Q2. Which area of the district would you be interested in living in? (Please tick all that apply and at least one)
Q3. What type of property would you like to live in? (Please tick all that apply)
Q4. How many bedrooms would you require? Please select one from the drop down list.
Q5. Which of the following best describes your household? Please select one from the drop down list.
Q6 What is your total annual income? Please select one from the drop down list.

Help to Buy Midlands is the government appointed agent for the Midlands area. They can help people access affordable home ownership opportunities across the whole of the Midlands area.

By completing and submitting this form to the council, you are giving your permission for the council to send the information to Help to Buy Midlands.

Your views By submitting your contact details you consent to Help to Buy Midlands contacting you about low cost home ownership opportunities.

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