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How do I become the next Youth Mayor?

How do I vote for the Youth Mayor?

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Youth Mayor Elections 2016

Our Youth Mayor represents the interests of Mansfield's young people to the Mayor and councillors, local residents and public services.

Current Youth Mayor

The Youth Mayor for 2015/16 is Jake Baldry, aged 16, from Samworth Church Academy.

pdf icon See Jake Baldry's manifesto [75kb].

Role of Youth Mayor

The Young Mayor serves a one year term and:

  • Is a spokesperson for the district's young people.
  • Acts as an ambassador for Mansfield at various conferences and events.
  • Informs and advises the executive Mayor on issues relating to young people.
  • Acts as a role model for her/his peers across the district.

Contact the Youth Mayor

You can contact the Mansfield Youth Mayor by:

How do I become the next Youth Mayor?

Are you going to be aged between 14 and 18 years old on 1 September? Do you live in the Mansfield District?

If your answers are yes then you can stand to be Youth Mayor.

Each April secondary schools are invited to take part in the Youth Mayor programme. Each school nominates one candidate, who will then complete a candidate pack and attend training sessions. You will then produce a manifesto, which outlines what you would do once in post, as well as a marketing plan.

If you stand, you will get support for your campaign and throughout your year in office if you are elected.

How do I vote for the Youth Mayor?

If you attend secondary school or college in the district at the time of the election in October, then you can vote for the candidate of your choice at your school or college. Manifestos will be published on this page and will be available from your school/college, so you can find out what each candidate is standing for.

Youth Voice

The Youth Voice newsletter contains updates on what the Youth Mayor has been up to.

Youth Mayor Elections 2016

Pupils will take to the polls on 13 October to vote for Mansfield's next Youth Mayor. This year we have four candidates taking part from All Saints Catholic Academy, The Brunts Academy, Samworth Church Academy and Vision West Nottinghamshire College.

Each candidate has prepared a manifesto for the consideration of all eligible voters; take a read of the their pledges and decide for yourself who should be elected.

Morgan Curtis - Vision West Nottinghamshire College

As youth mayor I know I can make the choices that matter to the young people of Mansfield, I know I will be able to provide strong leadership and I know how to secure our core British values and opportunities presented to youths in our district.

  • Securing a better, brighter future for young people by widening the opportunities and career paths presented to the youths.

  • Getting better deals for young people and improving the services offered to youths in the district.

Increasing the support given to young people in situations affecting mental and physical health as well as implementing services to counter extremist behaviour and radicalization of youths.

Faith Julius-Adebeisi - The Brunts Academy

My name is Faith Julius-Adebisi and I am 14 years old. Have you ever felt as if you have an opinion, something to say that will actually make things happen?   No need to worry because I will do everything in my power to make a difference and have your opinions heard.

I have got four special goals that I am prepared to work towards if you find it worthy to elect me to work with you as well as for you.

Here are some things I will do:

  • Speak out youth programme:

    This is a programme that will allow youths to say and share opinions which would be heard. This gives us as youths the avenue to contribute to the development of the community we live in. We are allowed as the youths to make our opinions, give suggestions,

  • Petitions and advice the way we actually want things done. All these would be passed to the appropriate quarters with adequate follow ups and they shall be diligently looked into.

  • Question time with local MPs: This can be arranged for people who want to know more about how the community is being run because I believe that gone are the days when we sit and watch people talk on our behalf, we have to let people know that we have got feelings as well. Thus we speak out and participate to make our opinions known.

  • Youth festival: This can be run with the involvement of everybody in one thing or the other. This will allow those of us that can sing, dance, play instruments and play football etc to showcase their talents. A little token can be charged for this and money raised will be used for charity or community funds.

I am easily approachable at any time. My role as deputy head girl of year 9 at the Brunts Academy has given me the desired confidence to speak out in front of people and to be able to clearly communicate with people. I will listen to your opinions, suggestions and advice and will stand up for you and do everything in my will to create a positive vibe about you. So I employ people to vote for me for a better change in Mansfield.

Anna Rigby - The Samworth Church Academy

I aim to help young people to achieve more by providing more information and opportunities such as:

  • Reduced discrimination by educating young people about minority groups

  • Information about the dangers of alcohol and drugs to improve health

  • Experience through more volunteering opportunities

  • Community involvement through sports and performing arts clubs

Khaleel Zareen - All Saints Catholic Academy

I would like to be youth mayor to improve the Mansfield area for young people by giving them a voice through me.

I'd also like to bring the community closer together by hosting various charity and special events. There are many things I want to change for the better. Here are a few of them:

  • I want to help give older students within schools a chance to learn life skills. For example, learn how to manage money in the future or how to cook.

  • I want to give a variety of food in schools to satisfy different cultures, faiths and religions. An example of this would be Chinese food or a vegetarian section.

  • I want to get young people involved in more sports and leisure activities and work with schools to ensure this.

Page last updated: 4 October 2016
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