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About the Citizens' Panel

The Mansfield Citizens' Panel is a group of people from across the district who would like to help shape the future of Mansfield. Panel members take part in online surveys to:

  • Feedback on local services
  • Give their views on any new proposals, and
  • Help identify future needs and priorities

The Citizens' Panel surveys cover topics relating to public services in Mansfield and could include subjects like:

  • Community safety
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Waste and recycling

Join the panel

We regularly invite new members to join the Citizens' Panel to help us ensure we operate fairly and include new opinions. We'd love to hear from anyone interested in joining the panel.

It's easy to join. Simply register by filling in our Citizens' Panel online form, or contact us.

Results and feedback

Use our consultation tracker to find information about current and forthcoming consultations and engagement activity.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the Citizens' Panel exist?
The panel is an efficient way of gathering the views of local residents to help inform decisions we make and services we provide.

Who can be involved?
Anyone who is over 16 years old and lives in Mansfield.

What will I be expected to do?
All we ask is that you take part in easy to complete online surveys with questions relating to Mansfield District Council and its partners. Surveys may cover a range of topics such as recycling, environmental issues, local policing or health. We may ask you about your satisfaction with services and ask you your thoughts and ideas on new proposals for the town.

How will I know that a survey is taking place?
We will send you an email each time there is a new opportunity to take part in a survey.

How will my answers be used?
The results of these surveys will be used by the council and its partners. Depending on the questions asked, the results may help improve the services you receive or help identify priorities to improve the local quality of life. You will be able to find the results of all our surveys on our website.

How else can I get involved in consultations?
Mansfield District Council and its partners run frequent consultations which may take many forms. Keep an eye on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter posts to find out about how to get involved.

What if I decide that I don't want to be on the panel anymore?
If, at any time, you decide that you no longer wish to be contacted you can simply email our Panel team to have your name removed from the list.



Page last updated: 20 December 2017

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