Our Accessibility Policy

Mansfield Palace Theatre recognises the need to provide equal access to its website for all groups, including those with visual disabilities.

WAI Standards Compliance

The Mansfield Palace Theatre website conforms, to the best of our knowledge, to Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and to this end we provide the following features:

Access Keys

These keys allow quick access to certain pages, replacing the need to use a pointing device for navigation. Use depends on browser:

The access keys for Mansfield Palace Theatre are as follows:


All images used in this site include alt text for those unable to view the images.

Tab Index

All links, fields etc. can be accessed via the keyboard. Simply press the TAB button until you arrive at the relevant field.

Font Size

To change font (text) size, simply follow the instructions for your browser:

More tips

The BBC has prepared a website which shows how to customise your computer to your individual needs.