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Mansfield Youth Mayor

The race is on to find Mansfield's next Youth Mayor as two candidates begin their campaign to win the election.

The Youth Mayor election is taking place on Thursday 9 October 2014. Schools and colleges across the District are taking part including All Saints Catholic Academy, Samworth Church Academy, The Brunts Academy, The Manor Academy, Queen Elizabeth's Academy, Vision West Nottinghamshire College and the E2E Group at My Place. Honor Bennett from All Saints Catholic Academy and Danielle Bridges from Samworth Church Academy have laid out their manifestos below:

If elected, Honor would like to:

•Create more sporting and leadership opportunities for schools, so all young people have a chance to have experience of responsibility, teamwork and success.

•Work with local employers to improve the variety and knowledge of work experience placements, which help young people to prepare for future jobs and employment.

•Improve communication for young people so they can get their views across more easily by raising the profile of the youth voice and incorporating social media.

•Develop a scheme specifically in secondary schools to raise awareness of drugs, body image and associated bullying.

Honor says: "In the words of the Youth Mayor of Lewisham - 'We have the Youth Mayor to prove the media wrong. To prove that there are young people doing good things for their community.' This is exactly why I am standing for Youth Mayor. I believe young people have a voice that needs to be heard and the profile of the good that young people do in Mansfield needs to be raised."

If elected, Danielle would like to:

•Increase lighting in parks and public footpaths that are commonly used by young people to create a safer environment.

•Campaign for better sex education in schools so that young people have a better understanding of sexual health.

•Strengthen the connection between the older and younger generations in Mansfield to end the negative image some parts of society have of young people.

•Give gifted young people more opportunities to showcase their talents.

•Promote sporting activities to encourage teenagers to try new sports and to get active.

•Raise awareness of the different clubs which are available for young people in Mansfield in order for teenagers to discover unknown talents and reduce the amount of young people on the street

Mansfield's current Youth Mayor

Mansfield's current Youth Mayor for 2013/14 is Tanna Nita (16) of Samworth Church Academy. Tanna is supported by Deputy Youth Mayor Tom Richardson (17) of Manor Academy and Youth Ambassador Jade Booker (17) of Queen Elizabeth's Academy.

Tanna received 1,057 first preference votes and 321 second choice votes - a total of 1,378. Tom received 982 first preference votes and 362 second choice votes - a total of 1,344. Jade received 827 first preference votes. The total voter turn-out was 2,943.

Tanna, Tom and Jade will represent young people in the District and take their voice to the Mayor, Members and Officers of the Council and other community organisations. They will act as ambassadors for Mansfield at various conferences and as role models for their peers across the District.

Tanna said: "I'm really pleased to have been elected as Mansfield's new Youth Mayor. I'm really looking forward to working towards delivering the objectives set out in my manifesto."

Tanna plans to:

Deputy Youth Mayor Tom Richardson said: "I'm happy to have been elected as Deputy Youth Mayor and I'm looking forward to the year ahead."

Youth Ambassador Jade Booker added: "I'd like to congratulate Tanna and Tom in their success and I look forward to working with them over the next year."

The Executive Mayor of Mansfield, Tony Egginton, said: "All three candidates have much to bring to youth democracy in Mansfield and I congratulate them all on their campaigns. I look forward to seeing Tanna, Tom and Jade progress their manifestos over the next year.

"I strongly believe that young people should be given a voice - the Youth Mayor programme helps to bridge the democratic deficit in promoting participation in the election and allowing the youth voice to be heard. I'm pleased that so many young people voted and have had experience of casting their vote in preparation for when they vote in an adult election."

This is the 6th year that Mansfield will have a Youth Mayor. Tanna, Tom and Jade take over from the previous Youth Mayor Jessica Wells and Youth Ambassador Lucy Fretwell.

You can keep up to date with what the Youth Mayor and Youth Ambassador are doing on their Facebook page - just search for Mansfield Youth Mayor.

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