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Empty Properties

Empty Property Officer

The Empty Property Officer plays a vital role as the initial contact for people wishing to report an empty residential property. Should you wish to report a property online, please use the form in the menu on the right.

On receiving the report, the Officer will carry out initial investigations within 3 working days to identify ownership and whether or not the property is classed as un-occupied. These investigations may include (but not exclusively):

Empty Properties

Reducing the number of empty residential properties within the district is a key priority for the Council. Leaving a property empty can attract nuisance and anti-social behaviour, result in depreciation of property value and reduce the value of surrounding homes, cause problems to adjoining property and is a waste of the housing stock. In many cases, the longer a property remains empty, the greater the problem becomes and the more negative attention it receives.

Houses become empty for a variety of reasons. For example:

To view the Council's Empty Homes Strategy, please see the links on the right hand side. 

What options are available to the owner?

Property owners can sometimes be reluctant to undertake work necessary to bring their property back into use.  Our objectives are foremost to work with the owner of the empty property to bring it back to occupied status. Options available include:

The Empty Property Officer may be able to advise on what courses of action are available to the owner and also provide confirmation from Council Tax records of how long the property has been empty. This will allow the owner to claim a reduced rate of VAT charged by their contractor if the property has been empty for 2 years or more.

If after attempting all methods of assistance and persuasion, the property owner fails to comply to bring the property back into use, it may be necessary to take enforcement action using the various powers available through the following legislation:

Please note that follow up action can be a lengthy process depending on the individual nature of every property.

Empty Property Grants

There are currently no grants available from the authority to owners of Empty Properties.

Empty Property Loans

There are currently no loans available from the authority to owners of Empty Properties.

Freedom of Information Enquiries

The Council is often asked by potential developers or other interested individuals for a list of Empty Properties within the district. To access this information, please confirm your request in writing to the following:

Legal Department, Civic centre, Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 7BH.

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