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One of the big problems facing the environment is that consumerism in richer countries has gone far beyond just buying what we need. We face an endless barrage of advertising, often for products of little or no actual practical value. And we need to ask - does buying all these things really make us happy?

How many times do you go into a supermarket for one or two items and then come out after half an hour with a basket or even trolley-full?

Real food: meaning buy local and buy organic.

Previously, shopping locally has been more expensive. But due to consumer demand supermarkets have now started to stock local produce so look out for these when you do your weekly shop.

Grow your Own Allotment

Anyone can grow their own fruit and vegetables, you don't have to have a garden or an allotment. Container gardening on a patio or windowsill can still be as easy and beneficial as a daily trip to your allotment, and often it's closer!

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