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Grant Schemes

Grant schemes for Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Private Householder.

All UK companies may offer discounted insulation (both loft and cavity) schemes to their customers.

Many energy providers are also still offering discount against the installation of new boilers, even though the Boiler Scrappage Scheme has now officially ended.

MDC offers a similar discounted scheme to MDC residents through Crestra to install loft and cavity wall insulation for £99 each (depending on the size of your property). Some people may even be eligible to have the work done for free (subject to survey and certain conditions). The scheme is run by Groundwork Creswell - contact 0800 512012 for more information.

Private Landlord

Q. Am I eligible for any discounts on insulation as a private landlord?

A. Not directly, the person living in the accommodation pays the bills, so therefore it is them who are eligible for grants to pay for insulation installation.

However some tenants are unable or unwilling to pay for the installation to be installed if they are not intending to stay in the property. It may be possible for the landlord to come to some arrangement with the tenant, so that they obtain the grant and then both split the remaining cost (between 50% and 30% of the total cost).

Private landlords now have to provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to all tenants when renting out a property. This shows the energy performance of the building, and makes recommendations for improvements. There is no legal obligation to act on the recommendations, however it may make the property more attractive by making it more efficient and increase the chances of renting the property out.

Tenant in privately rented accommodation

Q. Am I eligible for any grants for insulation as a tenant or is it my landlord's responsibility to provide it.

A. As the tenant pays the bills, they are the ones that are eligible for grants to install insulation, however they may be unable or unwilling to do so in someone else's property.

They will be eligible for partial grants either from MDC or from their energy providers however will have to get written permission from their landlord to allow the work to be done.

It is possible that an agreement can be made with the landlord to split the remaining cost of the installation; however there are no guarantees of this.

Tenant in Council owned property

Insulation should have been improved within all council owned properties through the Decent Homes scheme.

If you are unsure whether your Council property has been insulated (loft and cavity where appropriate) please contact your Local Housing Officer for more information

For any further advice on insulation and energy efficiency grants please call the Energy Saving Trust Free Advice Line on 0800 512012.

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