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1% of the UK electricity consumption is used by appliances left on stand-by ....by things that aren't even being used!

More and more products are using energy even when they're not turned on e.g. mobile phone chargers, Hifi's, TV's, microwave ovens etc. So turn off items at the mains, unplug things like battery and phone chargers and don't leave things on stand-by! You could save approximately £37 per year.

Our homes are filled with electrical appliances like fridges and freezers ('white' goods) and televisions and stereo's ('brown' goods). All electrical goods should display an energy label showing how much energy that appliance uses. What do these labels mean?

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European Energy Label - tells you about the energy efficiency of electrical appliances. Grade A++ is now the most efficient, and Grade G is the least efficient.

Are you buying a new fridge or washing machine? Go for a high energy rating! A well-filled load once a day in an A or A+ rated machine is more efficient than many bowls of hot water, or a running tap, to wash dishes.

If you have access to a suitable space, hanging your clothes outside rather than using the tumble dryer will reduce your CO2 emissions. They will dry quickly and smell fresh too.

Choose a laptop instead of a desktop computer, as on average a laptop consumes around 30 percent less power.

Only boil as much water as you need in your kettle. Woman filling kettle

Fridges and Freezers use energy 24/7 365 days a year, so it pays to help them run efficiently. You can do this by:

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