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Charlotte salutes Sherwood's mining heritage

Manor School pupil, Charlotte Crowson (12) from Mansfield Woodhouse, is celebrating after her words were chosen as the winning slogan to commemorate miners from the former Sherwood Colliery.

Charlotte Crowson (foourth right) celebrates her slogan being chosen as the winner

Charlotte's slogan, 'Their pit, their lives, your memory, our wheel' will feature on a winding wheel (a half pit wheel) situated at the site of the former colliery on Sherwood Rise, Mansfield, just off the junction with Debdale Lane.

For winning the competition, Charlotte receives £100 in shopping vouchers, while runners-up Jack Hannant, Bethany Boulton and Conor Green, also from the Manor School, each receive £25 in shopping vouchers.

Sherwood Colliery was sunk in 1902 and remained in production until 1992. It was notable for having the first pit head baths to feature a swimming pool (opened in 1934).

These baths are currently being refurbished by the District Council at a cost of £5million and have been renamed the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre.

The wheel will commemorate the lives of all of those who worked and died at the pit during its 90 year history.

The erection of the wheel is part of an 18 month project, which was championed by the late Councillor Norman Cook, who died in October and Dr Bill Pearce of the former Mansfield Woodhouse Area Assembly.

The instating of a public footpath past the wheel is awaited and there will be an official opening ceremony when it is hoped the last manager at the colliery will cut the ribbon.

Funding was secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund by the Mansfield Woodhouse Community Development Group, who provided the project manager, Sharon Cawar.

Permission to erect the wheel on land belonging to Queen Elizabeth's School has been given by their trustees.

Charlotte Crowson said: "I'm really proud that my slogan will feature on the winding wheel.

"Both of my granddads were miners and I'm very proud that this will honour them and all of the other miners at Sherwood Colliery."

Jonathon Hickman, Headteacher of the Manor School added: "In the discussion and writing inspired by this competition, the year eight students who took park showed their sense of community, their respect for the miners and their families who helped build it, empathy with their suffering and admiration of their loyalty and strength.

"Many students spoke of family members who had, or still have, links with the mining industry. Their sense of connection with their history was strong and it was a moving experience to read their slogans.

"We're delighted that our students are the winner and runners up but more than that, it seems very fitting that the tribute of the young people of the community should be displayed on the memorial."

Photographs and memories of Sherwood Colliery will be included in a heritage display at the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre (the former Sherwood Baths), which opens to the public next month.

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