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Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are designated by the District Council to protect those parts of towns and villages which have special architectural or historic interest. The designation of an area is not solely to protect individual buildings but to retain and develop the general character of the area, this does not mean that an area will never change, but rather that new developments must respect its established character. The designation of a Conservation Area shows a positive commitment to preserving and enhancing its quality.

Crow Hill Drive Conservation Area Living in a Conservation Area

The success of Conservation Areas depends upon the care given to properties by owners and residents. The most important effect of designation is the greater emphasis placed on matters of design when planning new developments or alteration to existing properties.

New Development

The District Council is committed to ensuring that any new proposal within a Conservation Area will preserve or enhance and will not harm the character or appearance of that area. Where new developments are permitted, particular attention will be paid to their mass, form, scale, visual impact, materials and detailing. Modern designs will not necessarily be rejected in conservation areas but they must be designed with greater sympathy for the area, and relate well to their surroundings, buildings, spaces and trees.

Certain minor alterations and small extensions to existing dwellings in Conservation Areas can be undertaken without planning permission but it is recommended that advice is sought from the Development Control Section of the District Council before the commencement of any proposals are undertaken. 

Article 4 Directions

An article 4 direction [The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995] is a separate type of restriction which looks to retain high quality architectural features and is usually considered for areas that are under the greatest threat of development or increasing loss of character through unsympathetic alterations. Areas covered by article 4 directions are subject to the removal of certain permitted development rights. The District Council has implemented an article 4 direction within the Pleasley Park and Vale Conservation Area and is considering the implementation of an article 4 direction within Crow Hill Drive, The Park and Terrace Road Conservation Areas, although all other conservation areas within the district will be assessed. 

Law relating to Conservation Area

Section 69 of The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 places a statutory duty on local authorities to designate areas, 'of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance', as Conservation Areas. The same legislation, under Section 71, requires local authorities 'to formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of any parts of their area which are Conservation Areas'.

Another form of legislation available to a Local Planning Authority, that can be successful in relation to listed buildings and Conservation Areas, is Section 215 Notice of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The scope of works that can be required in a Section 215 notice is wide and includes planting, clearance, tidying, enclosure, demolition, re-building, external repairs and repainting.

Conservation Areas within Mansfield District.

The District Council has eleven designated Conservation Areas:

Proposals for the preservation and/or enhancement of conservation areas are in the form of character appraisals and management plans.

Character Appraisals and Management Plans

Character appraisals include an account of the history of the areas, define what gives the areas their special character and describes them in some detail. The appraisal lists and describes important buildings, including those included on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest (Listed Buildings), as well as identifying important trees and boundary features. The document also sets out all the planning policies that apply to the areas.

Management plans identify strategies for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas including grant schemes for repairs to historic buildings, planning policy guidance and the enhancement of the public realm.

From April 2013 Mansfield District Council has formulated, published and adopted eleven conservation area character appraisals and management plans.

Your Views

The Council periodically publishes documents which prior to their adoption are submitted to a six weeks consultation exercise and it is during this period that the Council asks for comments from the public and relevant organisations. Your opinions do matter and will be taken into account and reported to the Council's relevant committees. To make your comments known during any such six week consultation period you should submit your comments in writing please to:-

Conservation and Heritage Section,
Mansfield District Council,
Civic Centre,
Chesterfield Road South,
NG19 7BH.

Copies of all documents to go through this consultation process will be made available to view at the Civic Centre reception, a local library and also on this  webpage.

The Table below shows our progress towards the preparation of Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plans and their reviews.

Name of Conservation Area

Progress on Character Appraisal

Date adopted

Progress on Management Plan

Date adopted

Mansfield Market Place

Updated and adopted 

September 2013

Updated and adopted

September 2013

Bridge Street, Mansfield

Updated and adopted

September 2013

Updated and adopted

September 2013

West Gate, Mansfield

AdoptedJuly 2008AdoptedJuly 2008

Nottingham Road, Mansfield.


March 2013


March 2013

Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield

Adopted December 2009Adopted December 2009 

The Park, Mansfield

Updated and adopted

April 2014

Updated and adopted 

April 2014

Mansfield Woodhouse

AdoptedNovember 2011Adopted November 2011

Market Warsop

under review

Under review 2014/15                    

November 2014

under review

Under review 2014/15

November 2014

Church Warsop

Adopted    March 2012AdoptedMarch 2012
Pleasley Park and ValeAdoptedMarch 2009Adopted

March 2009

Terrace RoadAdoptedApril 2013Adopted                                     April 2013


Conservation Area reviews are carried out to provide more detailed information about designated areas and also how they have or can be improved. Mansfield District Council proposes to review each of it's Conservation Areas five years after the adoption of the respective Character Appraisal and Management Plan.  

The Market Warsop Conservation Area character appraisal and management plan is currently under review with the draft document submitted for six weeks public consultation , from 24th November 2014 till the 5th January 2015. Following this the Council proposes to review the West Gate Conservation Area and the Pleasley Park and Vale Conservation Area character appraisals and accompanying management plans.

For further information on conservation areas and other heritage topics please contact the Conservation and Heritage Section.

Conservation and Heritage

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