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Have your say on a new-look Mansfield district

Residents are being urged to comment on a review which will literally change the shape of the Mansfield district.

Mansfield District Council's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton has put forward proposals for radical changes to existing ward boundaries in the district.

Mansfield District Council Civic Centre

The proposals would see the number of wards increased to 36 from the current 19 – all working to new boundaries and with one District Councillor representing each ward.

Currently the Council has 46 councillors covering its 19 wards, with each ward having two or three councillors.

The Boundary Committee, which is carrying out the review, has already indicated that they are 'minded' to accept the Executive Mayor's proposal to reduce the number of councillors from 46 to 36.

The current phase of the review and consultation deals with new ward boundaries and names. Members of the public are being asked to consider:

Residents have until Friday 11 December to comment on the proposals.

You can also submit your comments about the proposals on-line as well as viewing full details and maps Go to  www.mansfield.gov.uk/ward-review to let us know your views.

The proposals will also on display in the mall at the Civic Centre, Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield until 12 noon on 11 December 2009.

The comments received during the consultation will be considered by the Executive Mayor and will help inform his recommendations on new ward boundaries. These recommendations will be considered by Full Council on 5 January 2010.

Mansfield District Council must make its final recommendations to the Boundary Committee by 11 January 2010.

Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton said: "Single member wards and the proposed new 36 ward district is a fundamental change to electoral representation in the Mansfield district.

"The proposals will affect absolutely everyone. It is vital that local people have their say on the changes and that they make their views known through the consultation."

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