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Barry's officially the UK's bravest council worker!

Warsop's Superhero Street Sweeper, Barry Snowdon has been officially named the country's bravest council worker at a glittering ceremony held last night.

Barry faced stiff competition from three other finalists who were all shortlisted in the bravery category of the Local Government Council Worker of the Year awards, held at the Harrogate International Centre.

Barry receiving his award from BBC presenter Jeremy Vine, right

In July 2008, Barry successfully put out a fire on a private highways truck outside a petrol station in Warsop, sustaining burns to his arms and face in the process and averting what could have been a major disaster and potentially cost lives!

In March 2007, he chased and caught a handbag thief, holding down the robber until the police arrived and returning the handbag to its grateful owner, Warsop woman Maxine Kimberley.

Speaking at the ceremony, awards host and BBCRadio 2 and Panorama presenter, Jeremy Vine, commented that "the bravery award is the one that requires no explanation, it's all down to you [Barry], inch by inch."

Barry remains modest, though, saying: "I only did what anyone would have done."

"I can't thank Mansfield District Council enough for giving me the job in the first place and I'd like to thank all of the people who have voted for me, especially those in Warsop where I work and my wife, Julie and son, Daniel, for all of their love and support."

Mansfield's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton, commented: "I am delighted that Barry has been named the bravest council worker in the country – it is truly deserved."

Celebrating Barry's success

"As well as carrying deeds of extraordinary bravery, Barry is well loved and respected by the community he serves in Warsop – as was demonstrated by all of the shops and businesses who were willing to display posters and postcards promoting Barry. He is fastidious and dedicated to his work and I am sure they are all extremely proud of him!"

"I would also like to express my personal thanks to all of those who voted for Barry – it is wonderful to see that, as a community, we are able to come together and celebrate the bravery and hard work of one of our own sons."

Superhero street cleaner Barry Snowdon

"Well done Barry – we are all extremely proud of you!"

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