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Holding out for a hero!

Superhero Street Sweeper Barry Snowdon has come to the rescue again - saving one Warsop man more than £250!

Since Mansfield District Council's 'We're backing Barry' campaign has been running; Warsop local, John Frichley, has come forward with his own story about kind hearted Barry.

Superhero street cleaner Barry Snowdon

John was the victim of a break-in at his Warsop home earlier this year when the car keys to his beloved Range Rover were stolen.

He mentioned it to Barry, who was out on his rounds and the Mansfield District Council employee was able to keep an eye out for the keys and successfully return them to their grateful owner after finding them whilst emptying the bins on his rounds.

John can't thank Barry enough: "What can I say – Barry's the man!"

"It would have cost me more than £250 to have the locks replaced on the car – I can't thank Barry enough. I hope he wins the Council Worker of the Year award, he really deserves it."

Barry has been shortlisted in the Bravery category of the Local Government Council Worker of the Year award.

Superhero street cleaner Barry Snowdon flies to the rescue

In summer 2008, he single-handedly put out a fire on a highways truck near a petrol station, sustaining burns in the process. His quick-thinking and heroic actions prevented an accident which could have cost lives.

In March 2007 he successfully chased and caught a handbag thief in Warsop, holding the thief down and retrieving the bag in the process.

You can vote for Barry by text message: simply text LGATV 9 BarryS to 80039. All text messages are charged at your standard network rate or you can log on to www.mansfield.gov.uk/backbarry, where as well as a link to the voting site, you can also find out more about Barry and the awards. Voting runs until 2 July.

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