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East Mansfield celebrates to the tune of £20,000

Community groups in East Mansfield are celebrating after being granted funds in the third of Mansfield District Council's 'Community Pot' events.

Members of the local community will vote on how money is spent in their area.

More than 80 residents in East Mansfield (Forest Town East, Forest Town West, Lindhurst and Oak Tree wards) voted how funding of approximately £20,000 offered by Mansfield District Council, the Home Office and Notts Police Authority should be spent at the Participatory Budgeting Event, held at Kingsway Hall, Forest Town on Saturday (14 March).

Having established a set of local priority issues at Area Assembly meetings over the last three months, residents were invited to the event to listen to presentations and deliberate on a wide range of projects that addressed these issues.

Successful bids include:

· The Sherwood Centre, who plan to take senior citizens on a trip and provide lunch also to buy a small amplifier and microphone.

· Age Concern Kindred Spirits, to alleviate social isolation and loneliness by encouraging older people to form friendships with like minded people and participate in activities.

· Kingsway Community Project to repair the roof and redecorate Kingsway Hall.

· Forest Town Community Council, for a CCTV camera in Kingsway Hall, Forest Town, Car park, linked to Kingsway Hall.

· Skill Force Development, working with pupils to re-awaken their interest in education and inspire them to achieve in life, despite their social surroundings and backgrounds.

A total of £60,000 has been available in Mansfield District Council's pilot Participatory Budgeting scheme. £30,000 from Mansfield District Council was matched by £20,000 from the Home Office and £10,000 from Notts Police Authority.

Tony Egginton, Executive Mayor of Mansfield District Council, commented: "I am pleased that so many residents turned up to vote at the event and have taken an active interest in helping improve their area."

"I would like to send my congratulations to all of the groups who have been successful in receiving funding and look forward to residents in Mansfield Woodhouse and Warsop being given the opportunity to vote on projects that will improve their area."

Similar Participatory Budgeting events will be held later in 2009 for residents in North Mansfield and Warsop to vote funding for projects in their neighbourhoods.

More information about the process, along with frequently asked questions can be found at www.mansfield.gov.uk/itsyourmansfield.

Community, voluntary and statutory organisations as well as members of the public supported by their local councillor have been bidding for funding between £100 and £10,000 to support projects to improve their communities.

All of the groups and individuals who have submitted bids are required to deliver a short presentation about their bid and residents attending the event vote on which projects should receive public funding, according to agreed priorities for each area.

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