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Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

This aims at giving you information on how to pre-arrange a funeral, which is often the one way we can all help those we leave behind deal with our death, knowing that they are carrying out our wishes.

The following information tells you how you can make prior arrangements for your funeral. If need more advice or information please contact 01623 621811, or email crematorium@mansfield.gov.uk.

The funeral is our final opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one - an occasion for family and friends to come together to support one another - and forms an important part of the grieving process. The funeral is also important as a reflection of the person who has died, so that it may be meaningful to them. By completing a funeral pre-arrangement document you can prescribe your own funeral arrangements. It is also helpful, and often therapeutic, if your family and friends can follow your wishes after death.

Funeral wishes, whether in a Will or in a pre-arrangement form, are not legally binding after death. Therefore you should identify who will give instructions for your funeral, to make sure your wishes are followed.

As well as making sure your wishes are followed, a pre-arrangement form will help you to work out funeral costs. Costs fall into two areas. The first is 'disbursements' - the sums you will pay to doctors (for cremation), the cemetery or crematorium and the minister. The second is for the 'funeral arrangements' by the funeral director. These include the cost of collecting and handling the body, the coffin, hearse and cars, and all arrangements. If you are using a funeral director, obtain some quotes as soon as you have decided what you require. In general, the more you use the funeral director, the more expensive it will be.

Keep this document with your Will, or somewhere known to the person arranging your funeral. This point is important!

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