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Arranging a cremation

We can provide free and impartial advice on funeral service arrangements, particularly if you are arranging things independently, without the use of a funeral director. Our staff will be pleased to give you confidential advice and assistance. In the event that we can't help, we will put you in touch with other professionals in a specific field.

The information on this page briefly describes the arrangements that are normally made with us by the funeral director, or person in charge of funeral arrangements if it is an independent funeral.

The initial booking

We would normally receive a request from the funeral director or, if an independent funeral, the person arranging it to book an appropriate date and time. At this stage we will need to know:

Are a large number of people expected to attend?

Allowances might need to be made in the service to accommodate moving a large number of people in the time allowed. Another service time could be booked as well (at a small nominal charge). This option gives families and officiants more flexibility.

With our new music system we have the ability to relay funerals outside and into the other chapel which gives the option of booking both service chapels to enable all your mourners to be undercover. A drop down screen has been fitted into Newstead Chapel so that mourners can actually view the minister and catafalque of Thoresby Chapel as well as listening to the funeral service.

Has the death been reported to the coroner?

If the coroner is to carry out tests or investigations then this may extend the time between the death occurring and the funeral taking place.

We have a booking enquiry form which you can download and complete. When we receive the form we will contact you to make more detailed arrangements.

Confirmation of details

Details are then confirmed with family, the funeral director or person carrying out funeral arrangements and minister/officiant. There will also be more detailed discussions about content of the service, music, whether the coffin is to be left on view during the service, flowers or donations, final disposal of the cremated remains, transport, dress and hospitality.


The following paperwork is completed by the nominated person. This is usually the next of kin or a close relative of the deceased acting on the next of kin's verbal instructions.  Currently the requirements are as follows:-

  1. Instructions for Cremation - gives details of the actual service required at the crematorium.
  2. Application for Cremation - gives details of the deceased, the applicant, medical details etc.
  3. The above accompanied with either

    • Coroner's Certificate for cremation - issued by the coroner in the case of a sudden death, suspicious death or where the deceased had not been seen by a doctor within 14 days prior to death occurring or
    • Doctors issued forms, accompanied by a green disposal certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths for the area in which death occurred:

      • Form '4' (B) is the certificate issued by the doctor who attended during the deceased's last illness, saw them within 14 days prior to death and confirmed death afterwards.
      • Form '5' (C) is the certificate issued by a doctor of not less than 5 years standing who is not a partner of the doctor signing form 'B' and can confirm the cause of death.
      • The certificate required to be signed for all funerals by the medical referee appointed by the crematorium. This verifies that the medical details provided balance and that there is no medical reason why cremation cannot take place.

The paperwork for any funeral must arrive by 12 noon on the normal working day before cremation (i.e. Monday to Friday) in order for us to do our checks and produce the necessary paperwork for the funerals.  This time scale is applicable until 31.12.2008.  On 1st January 2009 the new Cremation Regulations 2008 come into effect which will require forms to be in 72 hours prior to cremation in order for the crematorium staff to be able to contact those nominated family representatives who may wish to exert their right to view the cremation forms of their loved one.  This right is only applicable to deaths occurring after 1st January 2009.

Once the documents are signed by our medical referee, they are then checked and signed by the director or deputy to allow cremation to go ahead, making sure that service details, and final disposal details are all correct.

The service

The service then goes ahead on the appointed day. During the summer services are scheduled at 45 minute intervals with a request that the actual service does not exceed 20 to 30 minutes to allow for late arrivals or an abundance of people and to ensure that the following funeral is not interfered with. During the winter months the interval drops to 40 minutes to allow for an increase in the amount of funerals and earlier last funeral times (as many people do not like attending funerals in the dark).

Both chapels are equipped with CD music facilities (we have an extensive range of music but are happy to play clients own CD's if we receive them in advance of the funeral in order for us to test them out and ensure sound reproduction is correct). We will also accept CD's brought on the funeral itself but only on the understanding that we might not get the sound levels right.  We do not accept downloaded CD's.  We also reserve the right to refuse a piece of music if it contains inappropriate language or implications.

Both chapels also have bespoke organs - built by Copeman Hart - which produce a beautiful quality of sound. Our organists have an extensive range of music to hand. We do not allow organists other than those employed by the crematorium.

Families have the option of either leaving the coffin on display in the chapel until after they leave or have the curtains drawn round at the time of committal.

Families may personalise their loved one's funeral by arranging for example, a piper, horse drawn hearse, motorcycle hearse, brass band, choir, musical or vocal soloist - as long as it is tastefully done and will not cause offence to others visiting the crematorium.

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