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We take great care and do thorough checks to make sure families receive their loved one's cremated remains.

Identity of cremated remains

  1. Before the coffin enters the chapel, the name, date of death and age of the deceased are discreetly checked to make sure that the coffin plate matches our details. If it doesn't then the coffin is not allowed into the chapel until the problem is sorted.
  2. Once the coffin leaves the chapel after the funeral service has taken place and is lowered into the crematory, the 'Authority to Cremate' is checked against the coffin plate and placed on the coffin until the coffin is charged into the cremator - the authority document is then placed on the cremator door to indicate what is inside.
  3. At the end of the cremation the cremated remains are removed from the cremator in a cremation container along with the authority document and taken to be cremated.

When the remains are placed in the cremator the authority document is placed on top of the cremator and when they are removed the 'Authority' stays with them until the final instructions issued by the family have been carried out. Then a member of the staff will sign off the 'Authority' and return it to the office to be filed with original application forms once the Cremation Register has been completed.

Strewing of cremated remains

The strewing of your loved one's cremated remains in a designated area can be done by a member of our staff, or carried out by you and witnessed by a member of staff. The remains can either have originated from a cremation that has taken place at Mansfield or from another crematorium, as long as you have the cremation certificate. You can arrange for your loved one's cremated remains to be placed in the same general area as a previous strewing if you can supply details such as approximate date of death and name.

No memorials will be permitted in the area where the strewing has taken place, although floral tributes can be left in the strewing areas, We have a strict policy of removing flowers every Wednesday morning. So if you wish them to be left a further week please notify the office and carefully identify the flowers. Funeral tributes are left for exactly 1 week before disposal.

At times such as Fathers' day, Mothers' day and Grandparents' day we leave flowers an extra week. At Christmas we leave Christmas wreaths until the last day in January when the grounds are cleared. However, so that people can fulfil their wishes of having remains scattered with their loved ones there may be times when we have to move floral tributes off the grassed areas to the side of the path. We hope families will understand our reasons for doing this.

The cremated remains will be covered with a mixture of soil and grass seed shortly after the strewing to help preserve the beauty of the strewing area and encourage the remains to return to the earth.

The woodlands are left in a fairly natural state, enhanced by mature trees and bulbs. It is possible to leave a donation to the bulb remembrance scheme should people wish to do so. An application form is inside the information pack that is sent out shortly after the funeral.

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