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Home ownership service - right to buy

Every secure tenant has the right to buy the freehold or, in some cases a lease of the house or flat of which he or she is the tenant.

The minimum qualifying tenancy time is 2 years if your secure tenancy started before 18 January 2005. For all tenancies that started after 18 January 2005 the qualifying time is now 5 years.

However, certain types of specialised housing are excluded from this right - for example sheltered housing for the elderly, the physically or mentally disabled.

Making the right decision

Buying your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, so take time to consider whether it is the right choice for you. You do not have to buy and only you will know if you can afford to. Get as much information and advice as you can first, so you make the right decision. There are a number of firms offering mortgages and other services, but do not feel pressured into using their services. Make sure you get independent advice before signing any deal.

If you need any advice on any aspects of the right to buy service please speak to us first.

Leaseholders can contact us and speak to the house sales and leasehold officer about any queries they may have on leaseholder services and communal repair quotations.

Home owner service charges (leaseholders)

If you buy a flat or maisonette from us you will be one of our leaseholders and liable to pay service charges as outlined in the terms of your lease. These charges can vary from flat to flat, but in general all leaseholders pay the management charge and insurance to us. Not paying your service charge could lead to the loss of your lease - which could mean you losing your home.

Leaseholder agreement and forum meetings

We are committed to ensuring that all its tenants and residents have the opportunity and choice to directly influence the decisions that affect their homes and communities.

As part of this commitment we hold a leaseholder forum meeting every year for all its leaseholders where they can express their views and discuss issues they have raised. This forum provides a platform for leaseholders to directly influence the planning and development of leasehold services.

Repairs to Your Home

During the right to buy process

We will sell your home to you in the condition it was at the time you applied. We will not carry out improvements to your home that are likely to increase its value. This is because your property will have been valued independently at the time you applied to buy it.

As soon as we receive your application your home will be removed from any planned maintenance programmes. These are major works such as window and door replacement, cladding and rewiring.

The Council will continue to carry out essential repairs to your property while your application is active.

For leaseholders who have bought their flats

If you need to report any structural repairs please contact the Housing repair bureau. We will then give you a quote for your share of the costs involved and then recharge you when the structural repair is complete.

All repairs inside flats are your responsibility.

Cancelling your right to buy

It is important to notify us in writing if at any time during the right to buy process you decide not to buy your home. If you don't write to us you may not be included in any future planned maintenance improvements.

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