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Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham unite in the battle for Sherwood!

Tuesday 4th December 2007

Their rivalry has been well documented throughout the ages – but Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham have temporarily put their differences aside.

They are united in their quest for £50m for Sherwood Forest as phone lines open for the Big Lottery Fund's: The People's £50m Contest.

The phone number will be released on the People's 50 Million website at 9am on Friday 7th December and people all over the land are being asked to pick up the phone and vote for Sherwood: the Living Legend.

Project Manager Faye Booker, said:

"This is it – our chance has arrived. A vote made in a few minutes could change Sherwood Forest's future forever.

"This is too important an opportunity to miss. We have to put our beloved forest on a much firmer footing for the future and make sure that children can come here in another 1000 years time and still hear of the tales of Robin and the Sheriff. Come on everyone – pick up your phone and vote for Sherwood."

You can call from any landline and mobile phone number, one vote per phone number will be counted.

You can also continue to vote online by following the link above on this page.

All voting closes at 12 noon on Monday 10th December.

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