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Prison sentence for anti social behaviour

Monday 27th August 2007

A Mansfield man has been given a 14 day suspended prison sentence for breaching an injunction given for anti social behaviour.

Michael Place of Clumber Drive admitted breaching the injunction six times, by banging doors and stomping on floors causing nuisance or annoyance to his neighbours.

The injunction was granted against Place in November 2006. Place complained to Mansfield District Council that his neighbour's television was on continually causing a constant noise nuisance into the early hours of the morning. When his claims could not be proved Mr Place became abusive towards his neighbour, knocking on his door in the early hours of the morning, disturbing other neighbours in the process.

Mansfield County Court issued the injunction against Place, banning him from causing a further nuisance towards his neighbour and ordering him to pay the costs of the court case.

On Thursday 26th July 2007, Place appeared Mansfield County Court again, to admit six breaches of the injunction between1st May and 4th June, having caused a nuisance when apparently hearing residual television noise from a neighbour's television.

Place was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment for each breach, to run concurrently but suspended until the expiry of the injunction. If Place breaches the injunction again before November 2007 he will go to prison.

The Judge told Mr Place that he was 'hypersensitive' to an alleged noise. Place was also ordered to pay £1,200 towards the District Council's legal costs.

Mansfield District Council's Portfolio Holder for Public Protection Councillor Danny McCrossan said:

"This man has continued to disturb his neighbours by being noisy – despite his own complaints about noise. Injunctions should be taken very seriously because, as Mr Place has now found out, prison could be the next step unless he alters his behaviour."

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