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'Dirty Denn' back in court

Thursday 26th July 2007

A couple who befriended a timid council tenant and took over her house have been slapped with a court injunction to keep them away from the area.

ASBO'd Sharon Dennington and her boyfriend Martin Wood intimidated the tenant, took over her house inviting 'guests' in to take drugs, fight and cause damage. The couple also bullied the tenant into using the address for bail purposes when arrested and for benefit letters.

Dennington, nicknamed 'Dirty Denn' by locals, and Wood's friends used the house windows to get in and out of the property and one even left a motorbike parked in the lounge.

The tenant approached the District Council for help and support to get her unwanted visitors out and to reclaim her life.

Mansfield District Council secured injunctions against Dennington and Wood, known as Peck, on Friday 20th July 2007 at Mansfield County Court. The injunctions ban the pair from a large area of Ravensdale, Mansfield.

Dennington received a two year ASBO in April 2006 after the court heard 22 separate allegations of anti-social behaviour against her. She was evicted from her own council property in December 2005 – just 3 months after moving in – bringing to an end one of the council's shortest tenancies on record. Allegations against Dennington included fighting in the street in her underwear, abusing and threatening neighbours, throwing wild parties and playing music so loud objects in neighbouring properties shook.

The injunction is in force for six months. If the couple breach any of the conditions they could be arrested and brought before the county court.

Mansfield District Council's Portfolio Holder for Public Protection Councillor Danny McCrossan said:

"For these people to take over this timid woman's life was nothing short of bullying and intimidation. They abused her trust and her home. I congratulate the tenant for asking the District Council for help and together we've created a large 'no-go' area to keep this couple away."

If you witness Dennington or Wood breaching the terms of their injunction you should contact Mansfield Police on 01623 420999.

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