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Council Tax Appeals

The information on this page deals with appeals against Council Tax charges and what can be done if you disagree with your Council Tax bill and want to challenge it.

 For appeals against Council Tax (or Housing) benefit please visit our Housing and Council Tax Benefit Appeals and Challenges page.

There are two areas where you can appeal against your Council Tax. These are:

Appeals against the Valuation Band

If you wish to appeal against your council tax banding you must first contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), which is a government department. Please see the Valuation Office Agency (external link) Web site for more details. The address of the Valuation Office Agency is:

Council Tax East
Valuation Office Agency
Ground Floor
Ferrers House
Castle Meadow Road


Telephone 03000 501 501

Email cteast@voa.gsi.gov.uk

 Appeals against your liability to pay

You can appeal if you think you are not liable to pay Council Tax. For example it may be that someone else is responsible for payment or that the property should be free from Council Tax. You can appeal also if you think we have unfairly refused to grant a discount or a reduction for disabled relief.

If you wish to appeal against your liability to pay, or get further information please contact 01623 463144, or e-mail counciltax@mansfield.gov.uk. Or you should write to:

The Revenues and Customer Services Manager
Mansfield District Council
Civic Centre
Chesterfield Road South
Mansfield, Notts.
NG19 7BH

Remember - we cannot change Central Government rules and regulations.

Valuation Tribunal

Valuation Tribunals are independent bodies that hear appeals against Council Tax valuation and Council Tax liability, amongst other subjects. Please see the Valuation Tribunal Service (external link) Web site for further details. The Valuation Tribunal will be happy to answer queries about the appeal process.

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