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Why choose Mansfield Commercial services?

About our commercial services


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Mansfield District Council has a range of essential services for businesses in Mansfield district. We aim to provide a reliable, sustainable and more flexible approach to dealing with day to day business needs including waste, recycling and pest control.

Why choose Mansfield Commercial Services?

Every penny spent with us sustains council services and is re-invested to help the district grow and thrive. We are committed to delivering value for money, good quality services and
we are here for the long-haul, week in week out. We know the district; we understand local businesses and have experience and expertise in our market sectors.

About our commercial services

We are the market leader in waste disposal, we collect waste from around a third of businesses in Mansfield and we offer a recycling service too.

We are looking to extend our services in the following areas: 

Trade waste

Our  trade waste and recycling service offers a variety of container sizes to remove your business' waste. We provide this service for a variety of businesses including shops, offices, industrial units and large factories.

Pest control

Our Pest Control team work closely with businesses in Mansfield to ensure that we maintain a safe environment. The Pest Control team promise to provide the cheapest Pest Control Service in the district.


Our CCTV system has been upgraded and covers more of the district. We are looking to extend our network and provide monitoring services to businesses.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance - we look after seven Green Flag parks and we can offer this service to your business.


Contact us for more information on or call 01623 463091.

Page last updated: 25 January 2017