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Gum campaign poster
Gum campaign clean up

Gum Campaign - 2017

International Clean Up Mansfield Day

Want to join International Clean Up Mansfield Day?

The Grime Monster

The Grime Busters resource pack

Our aim is to create a clean and attractive district and we'd like to encourage people to help us look after the environment.

Gum Campaign

People in Mansfield are being urged to back a new campaign to put a stop to the sticky issue of chewing gum on the town's pavements. It is hoped to raise awareness of the growing problem of gum littering and encourage people to bin their gum so that the town is a clean and attractive environment for residents, visitors and businesses.

Like many high streets across the country, Mansfield's pavements are increasingly splattered with chewing gum. Gum is not biogradable and can only be removed by using expensive, specialist gum removing equipment. While the average piece of gum costs about 3p to buy, it costs up to £1.50 per square metre to remove from pavements.

As part of the campaign, posters have been placed around the town centre to encourage gum-droppers to bin their gum.
 Gum campaign clean up

International Clean Up Mansfield Day

International Clean Up Mansfield Day brings our communities together each year to improve the environment.

We also invite the 33 Mansfields from around the world to take part in the event and help us make Mansfield the cleanest place on the planet.

Many, many thanks to all those volunteers who took part in the last International Clean Up Mansfield Day in June 2017. Check out our Facebook page to see a few of the photographs taken during the day. You can also read more about it in the pdf icon International Clean Up Day Newsletter 2017 [6Mb].

The next International Clean Up Mansfield Day will take place in June 2018. If your school, business, conservation group or neighbourhood would like to take part next year we would love to hear from you!

Want to take part in the day by organising your own activity? All you need to do is register your details using our online form. For advice on things to consider when arranging your activity, please see our pdf icon International Clean Up Mansfield Day Guidance Notes [791kb].

The Grime Monster

The Grime Project has been created to encourage young people about the need to keep Mansfield's streets tidy.

The pdf icon Grime Monster [117kb] was named the Garbinator by a pupil from Forest Town Primary School and can be seen throughout the district on litter bins and council vehicles.

The Grime Busters resource pack

We have produced a litter educational pack to teach children about litter, why it is bad and how it can damage the environment.

It includes lots of grime busting activities such as litter picks, stories and educational work sheets. All of the resources that you would need to carry out the activity are provided free of charge.

A council officer can visit your school or group to deliver the pack to children. Teachers can also use the pack by itself, as it contains comprehensive teacher notes.


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