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How to use the calculator

You can calculate your possible Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction by using the benefits calculator.

How to use the calculator

The benefit calculator is easy to use and provides step by step instructions. Please answer all questions marked with an asterisk (*). The calculator will take you to each relevant question, based on the answers provided.

If you are renting your property from a private landlord, then before using the calculator you will need to obtain the current room rate from the housing benefit page. The maximum rate which can be taken into account in the calculation is restricted to no more than the four bedroom rate.

The regulations have also changed from January 2012 for single people under the age of 35. In most cases your rent will be restricted to the shared accommodation rate.

You should also be aware that your Housing Benefit may be reduced because of under occupancy if you rent from us or any Registered Social Landlord.

The results of your calculation should only be taken as an estimate based on the information you have supplied.

The benefits calculator cannot always give a true reflection of your circumstances, e.g. self-employed earnings.

If you think that you may be entitled to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction, you should submit a claim as soon as possible to receive a formal assessment of your entitlement.

Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit calculator

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