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Mansfield Youth Mayor election campaign underway

The race is on to find Mansfield's next Youth Mayor as young people prepare to take to the polls on Thursday 11 October.

The elections are part of Mansfield District Council's commitment to Local Democracy Week - a Europe wide initiative which aims to highlight the importance of local people getting involved to work with their local councils to help make their communities better places.

This year there are three candidates for the role of Youth Mayor and their campaigns are well under way.

Each candidate has prepared a manifesto in the hope of attracting votes from the young people of Mansfield. Candidates are aged between 14 and 18 and will serve a one year term to:

·        Act as an ambassador for Mansfield at various conferences and events

·        Inform and advise the Executive Mayor on issues relating to young people

·        Act as a role model for their peers across the district.

Executive Mayor Kate Allsop said: "The Youth Mayor will be an important ambassador for our district and will act as the voice for our young people so it is very important that pupils read each candidate's manifesto and vote.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all the candidates the very best of luck."

The candidates and their manifestos:

 James Mycroft - Manor Academy

I am in year 12 at Manor Academy Sixth Form. I am a confident and approachable person and I have a persistent approach to getting things done, both in school and in my local community. Many students and staff regard me as the "voice of the school", and it is this ability to act as an advocate for people's views that I wish to extend into our wider community by becoming Youth Mayor. I have a real passion to represent the youth of Mansfield, to be a driving force in getting our views across about our local area, and to implement the new and exciting things we would like in the community of Mansfield.

I will strive to ensure that all students have access to pastoral or mental health care, ensure our public leisure facilities are up to the standard that we expect and encourage students from all schools to be involved in organising and engaging in charity events to support deserving causes such as the Beacon Project. 

Reanna Cooper - Brunts Academy

I want to improve the lives of young people living in Mansfield and help to create a more positive community. My main concerns include the lack of knowledge of life beyond an academic setting and the lack of transferrable life skills. If I was elected to the post of Youth Mayor, I would use a wide variety of social media platforms to share any updates or progress.

In April 2018 I completed a work experience placement at Mansfield District Council with Democratic Services and Elected Members. The placement gave me a valuable insight into how our local government works, and the opportunities available within the council. If I was Youth Mayor, I would help with advertising these opportunities in order to provide more options for young people.

Scarlett Sykes - Samworth Church Academy

Making a difference. That's my passion. I firmly want not only my voice but the whole of the youth of Mansfield's voice to be heard. I believe the youth of Mansfield have a right to access a wide range of opportunities regardless of their background.

I want to create better work experience and careers advice by creating better local business links within schools to provide and mentor students about a wide range of professions and vocations.

I also want to establish a more stable Youth Parliament which would be more influential by involving school councils in decisions.

I want to also provide the youth of Mansfield with easy and quick access to health services such as emotional, mental, physical and sexual health. I want to increase participation rates in physical activities, especially female participation rates, increasing the amount of female-only events and cheaper options for people to join gyms.

Students from Brunts, Samworth and Manor will be taking part in the election on 11 October.

If you aren't a student at one these schools and you want to cast a vote, you still can! If you live in Mansfield and you are aged 11-18, you can ask for a postal vote by emailing before 4 October. Your vote will need to be returned before 12 October.

Good luck to all of the candidates!

Published 1 October 2018.

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