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Royal British Legion backs Robin Hood Lottery

The Royal British Legion has got behind Mansfield's Robin Hood Lottery and encouraged other local charities, voluntary groups and grass roots organisations to get involved.

The local branch of the RBL was the first good cause to register an interest in becoming a beneficiary of the new local lottery. The charity's Rick Richardson, Mansfield Branch President, and Mick Beresford, Poppy Appeal organiser, joined Executive Mayor Kate Allsop to give the Robin Hood Lottery a boost.

Good causes are invited to attend a special launch event at lunchtime on Tuesday 27 February at the Civic Quarter, Mansfield Civic Centre, from 1pm to 2pm. They will have the opportunity to find out how the lottery will be able to help them raise funds for their work. Wood-fired pizza will be served for lunch and goody bags will be provided.  

Good causes that wish to attend the launch or register to benefit from the lottery can find out more and register online at or by emailing 

Rick Richardson said: "We were keen to support the lottery not only for the benefits it can bring to us as a charity and the work we do, but also for the wider benefits it will bring to Mansfield district as a whole. For small charities, getting this money will make a significant difference, and will go a long way.

"We'd encourage other local good causes to sign up. All you need to do is commit to spreading the word about your own lottery page and reaching a minimum of at least 20 ticket sales".

Executive Mayor Kate Allsop added: "I'm very pleased that local charities and a number of groups and charities have signed up so far, and I'm grateful to the RBL for helping us to promote the lottery. This is all about how charities, the voluntary sector and local groups can raise funds, which are then used to support our communities and help them thrive."

Tickets for the Robin Hood Lottery will go on sale on 27 March, with 60p from every pound going towards local good causes. The remaining 40p in every pound will be used to cover lottery prizes (20p) and the running costs (20p).

Players can decide which local good cause they want to support. Players who do not want to support a specific cause can still take part in the local lottery, with 60 pence of their ticket price going straight into a general Robin Hood Lottery good causes fund. This fund will then be distributed by the council, to benefit local good causes and individuals.

The draw will take place weekly, with tickets costing just £1. A jackpot of £25,000 can be won, with a matching sequence of six numbers. Other prizes of £2000, £250 or £25 in cash, or three free tickets could be won.

The draw will be open to anyone over the age of 16.

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